In a former life Ivo was a geographer, in this life he is a photographer. Ivo sees the exceptional in the everyday life. Central in the approach are collaboration and connection; with models, agencies and clients. Specialized in portrait and documentary style photography. Loves to work on location with everyday people.

I'm represented by Mrs. Robinson photography agency in Amsterdam. For more commercial images, enquiries and questions please contact:

Agent: Monique Grondijs (+31207721390)
Mail: monique@mrs-robinson.nl

TBWA, Plan Nederland, Vice Media, The Oddshop, N=5, Noise, Parool, Brooks Running, Dita, TEDx, Rijkswaterstaat, Ministerie van Sociale Zaken, Stocksy United, Alfredo Gonzales, Gemeente Amsterdam, Motherson GmbH, Plan Nederland, Damen Shipyards, Wetransfer, Lemming Film, Brooks Running and more.

Stock Photography
Shooting stock photography as well. Check out my portfolios at Gallery Stock and Stocksy United. Stocksy is a stock photography co-operative owned by photographers all over the world. 

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